Green mist adorns tree branches
As red rain falls to earth below.
Lo! The world alive!
The Earth we once thought dead
Is dead no more.

It is coming?
Tiny buds poke through on trees,
Falling snow gives way to liquid rain.
The time is here,
When things begin to grow-
Burst into life!
But it is cold,
And seeds are dormant still.

Spring Always Comes
The winter is cold
With its still, dark night
White blankets on the ground
Hide any sign of spring
But look!
Can you feel it?
In the air as it grows warmer
And the sound of dripping snow
The spring- once thought lost- always comes again

Summer Day Haiku
A hot summer day
Blue sky shimmers on white clouds
I hear birds call

Summer Mornings
Sitting on the grass,
Trees all around.
The river laughs and shines,
The sun filters down,
And above the summer sky.