If you look closely, you can see
The rain fall,
Tiny transparent streaks on the sky.
If you look closely, you can see
The world grow,
As it learns to do more than survive.
Isn’t it wonderful,
How the world can change?
One instant
-The blink of an eye-
And poof!
Everything’s different.
A miracle, really.
Just a shift of mind,
And the world follows suit.
I wonder what my world should be

I could be happy, excited,
What would that create?
Something far more interesting
Than drab, dull sorrow.
The possibilities!
A billion people the world over
All creating
Something new!
But for today,
I’m just creating my world,
And I’m gonna make it a good one.
What is this world coming too?
You ask.
Global warming,
Worldwide famine,
Existing for an eternity,
These problems persist-
Likely they always will.
But do we not owe it to the world,
Fragile as it is,
To protect it?
No matter how futile the endeavour,
We have the duty to try and improve it,
Just a little,
Within our lifetime.
So Why?
Why is it more important to:
Lose weight,
Earn money,
Tell one more lie,
Just one.
Then I will help,
Then I will make a difference.
Then I will live.
Sorrow into Joy
Note: This poem is actually several years old, but I just found it, and wanted to put it up
A teardrop lands in a shallow pool,
The one who shed it in honest grief
But as the sun shines and the pool starts to shrink,
It is saved by a teardrop, a dragonfly egg.
And as the rain falls, the pool then fills up
And what seems like a curse
In fact saves a life.
For the dragonfly lives-
See now as it flies!
The purest of red ‘gainst the bluest of skies
Our Place
It’s funny to think
How little we matter
In the cosmos
One planet at the edge of
One galaxy
So small,
In the vast contingency of space and time
That is our world.
And yet,
We do matter.
We are here,
Born of “coincidence”
We are a fragile world
Made precious by the fate befallen us.

Our Situation
Have you ever stopped to think
About the sheer enormity
Of our world?
(And what is happening to us?)

So many people
Each with their own story
Ever unfinished
-and unheard
But no less real than yours

Everyone tries
To fulfill some goal
Pursue destiny
Find hope

So many people
Rushing around
Overlooking the obvious
In their quest
To find happiness

A multitude of beings
Endlessly searching
To live out some fantasy
And so the world goes
An endless cacophony of dreams
An eternity of truths
The universe shows-
One for every dream

Potential is infinite,
But choice impossible.
What if I take the wrong step?

A labyrinth of choices
But I am not alone
I will follow the footsteps
Of destiny
Life is a journey
And not a goal
The water’s not that cold
If you jump

So be free!
Enjoy life
Wherever you happen to be.
Look around
Smile, Breathe
Let the future remain

We are one
Each heartbeat marks a piece of eternity
Each story leads to the truth within.
Among uncountable diversity
There is unity
A connection
We know as life

We are equal
Unique, one of a kind, yes
Some more different than others
But it is this that gives us balance
Tip the balance
Ruin the world
So, in balance
We are whole

Out of the silence, there is always noise
Full in all its glory,
Loud, thunderous and strong.
clouding to the mind, we live in it
and yet,
out of the noise there is always silence
for without silence,
what noise would there be
to define?