Creation, Reflection
When I was younger,
I used to pretend
That my reflection
Was one of my friends.
We’d talk, and share stories-
Just have conversations.
She’d listen, I’d talk
And share my frustrations.
Times pass, and I wonder,
That girl in the mirror,
How is she doing?
I haven’t seen her in many a year

Blue sky laced with clouds
Decorations of pink and white gauze
And, by the horizon
A crowd gathers
-yellow, orange, and red
Wait expectantly as,
The sun peeps its head over the horizon
To greet the day

Breezes Play
They are the wind
Fleet, flicker and gone
Soft like snow on diamonds
In an instant
Then slips away
To a world
We catch one glimpse of
In a golden moment
That never quite fades away
But then is gone,

Dream On
Little child
Of worlds in the distance
Of a place that is pure.
Dream of a world you still believe in
Now, while you are able
Taste the air of sweet utopia!
There will come a time
When they will tell you it cannot be-
Or else you will discover on your own.
But if you wish to dream
I won’t tell you it can’t be done.
Let me tell you a secret:
I still dream too

Fairy Steps
Fairies dance in oaken meadows,
Anyone can join the song
Anyone can dance along.
Flowers draped all through their hair,
They dance to bring the old times near.

Cobwebs draped in bright sun’s light,
Among them the scattered morning dew.
Threads of pure silk, and bright sunlit jewels,
Like a crown for a lady, all shiny and new.

To Touch a Cloud
If I could fly, and touch a cloud,
See all their mysterious glories!
I heave a sigh, look from the ground,
And dream of childhood stories





A breeze,
Soft, gentle,
Yet mischievous all the same
Plays with my hair,
Bending my paper to and fro
Here one moment, and gone the next
But never fear!
Returning once more for a heartbeat
Another interest is found
And off it goes again

Break of dawn
The light of dawn on dewstruck flowers,
footsteps that never touch the ground.
The first light shines on and through the horizon,
moonlight rains on empty grass,
And the sunshine lives again

Day Dreams
Cloud in the sky,
You are your own world.
Fields of white,
Castles of dreams.
You have such beauty
As raindrops fall.
I look, In a daze,
And start to wonder if maybe I could get there after all