To capture this moment
-a birdcall in the wind
Or the light of this sun
To capture this moment
Which will never come

I see it for an instant
-unbreakable in its nowness
And unmistakably here.
I see it for an instant
Before it slips away

Giving way to another
-moments unimagined
New songs to be song.
Giving way to another
Moment in which I can

The Lesson
Life goes on,
All around me
And it’s comforting to think
Anything that I do badly
Doesn’t matter,
In the long run
To anyone or anything
Even I, when time goes on
Will struggle,
To remember
The very thing which, years before
I’d thought was a disaster
Anything I do today,
I do today alone
I will not let this moment take
 Tomorrow’s thoughts and dreams
For now, I’ve learned
-A lesson earned
That nothing’s as bad as it seems

A Glint of Light
Here in a moment,
Gone in a lifetime
Brings me here,
Focused on one light
On one leaf
For one instant
Called eternity

I am awash with memories
The past assaults me – a criminal -
And I the unknowing victim
And yet,
Is it so bad?

I close my eyes
And fall, ever backward
Into a retrospective mood
What if?

So many other lives surround me
And yet I only see my own
It seems a waste-
How such a world
Gives birth to such
How much ever realized?

My past surrounds me
Like timid fish
One movement, and it’s gone
And still,
I look to it
As if it holds answers
As if my life is a lock
And my past a key

But how
Can my past undo a lock
It, itself, created?
Am I not my past,
Or am I?
The past
One long forgotten moment among many
Relived for one brief instant in an eternity
To become
Part of a moment that might, one day,
Be remembered

As so many never do
In silence
The world turns
As the neverending summer day
That, when gone
Will live forever in the memories
And dreams
Of days to come

The Lost Today
I can live more in one moment
Than I could in a day
Feel more in an instant
Than in an eternity
Time itself
Slips away
Into an oblivious moment
Where nothing is ever the same
And I mourn for it
As it is gone
Into tomorrow
The lost today

Time to Live
Time is a mysterious construct
Built by nothing
For that would take time
Which, without it, we would not have
It is complex
Changing forever in length and depth
And yet it is simple
You have a moment, and then it’s gone
Like the thoughts within your head
There is a trade off
One moment for another
And another again
Until they are all gone
Into a vast expanse of yesterdays
We can remember
But did not live

Remember Tomorrow
I see the sad remains of today:
A sunset, fading now,
Into the dark expanse of evening sky
I cry for it
Deep inside
Where I know that,
As beautiful as it is,
I will not remember it after today.
I cry for that sad fact
That those things which we most need to see
Are the ones we forget.
That beauty-
Lost to a tomorrow
Which will become just another today

As I sit and watch, as I so often do,
I see the world go by.
How can it go by so many times,
Yet never seem to pass?
It is still spring, as it has been
So many times before.
For the world is old, and always new.
The contradiction that is life.
Always existing, always creating, always destroying,
And being again.
And as I sit and watch, I see the world go by.
And as I dream, it seems,
That time has passed me by.
And so I sit,
And watch once more