The Source
Reach within,
What makes you alive?
Feel it,
The source of all existence.
Everything that is,
Is connected,
In joy

The world is changing
Or is it?
We see not what is
But what has been
For many
The past is their only
Until they can see
It is not what they are
But what they have been
And step from the mould
Into the formlessness

Sorrow into Joy
Note: This poem is actually several years old, but I just found it, and wanted to put it up
A teardrop lands in a shallow pool,
The one who shed it in honest grief
But as the sun shines and the pool starts to shrink,
It is saved by a teardrop, a dragonfly egg.
And as the rain falls, the pool then fills up
And what seems like a curse
In fact saves a life.
For the dragonfly lives-
See now as it flies!
The purest of red ‘gainst the bluest of skies
African Queen
Note: This is about my cat, Cleo
She lay there on the bed,
Soft fur black and brown
Stretch soft, half asleep
All she needs is a crown

Two half opened eyes
Lazy and green
Show me a vision
Of an African queen

Steady but strong;
Unafraid of her world
A battle cry sounds
And the arrows are hurled

Who are you, my princess?
My African queen?
Her eyes hint at smiles
And more worlds yet unseen

We are one
Each heartbeat marks a piece of eternity
Each story leads to the truth within.
Among uncountable diversity
There is unity
A connection
We know as life

Expand your mind
Feel your consciousness breathing
You are the world
Eternal, miraculous
And yet searching
A fragmented world
Must pull together
To heal