Trick of the Light
Dawn breaks at the speed of light
Soft, slow, light
Spills gently over the horizon
To begin the day

Blue sky laced with clouds
Decorations of pink and white gauze
And, by the horizon
A crowd gathers
-yellow, orange, and red
Wait expectantly as,
The sun peeps its head over the horizon
To greet the day

Dawn breaks
A flash of light on the dark horizon
Greets the day
We turn, muttering
In our sleep
From the light.
Away from that which we feat the most
And yet so badly need
-an awakening

Song rises
Over mountains high.
Sweet notes off to the horizon
Greet the day.

Wake Up
It is morning
Sun shimmers through an open window.
The world is awake
But barely
Here, there is warmth
Why move?
The world can wait
Until noon

Break of dawn
The light of dawn on dewstruck flowers,
footsteps that never touch the ground.
The first light shines on and through the horizon,
moonlight rains on empty grass,
And the sunshine lives again