Because maybe
It all means nothing.
Maybe the world will never change.
Maybe all I have
Is this moment.
And maybe
That’s all okay.

 Because life
Is an infinite sequence,
Of things that you give
And you take.
And the only true way
To find peace is,
To take a deep breath

-it’s okay.

Because all
Through my fears and
-Despite all of the worry and pain.
These moments make up
For the sadness,
And as long as they’re here,
I’m okay.

Somehow I find it graspable
That maybe I could be okay
And not be
The message is quite common
That perfection is impossible,
And you don’t need to achieve it.
But somehow not
For me.
It feels sort of like
I drew the short straw,
So I’m the one who ended up believing in
Not only as a possibility, but as an
A special one.
Just for me.
And it’s hard-
Trying to do the ‘impossible’,
Crying when you can’t.
But not today.
Somehow, I always knew it wasn’t maintainable,
Long term – a childish game.
So why not now to outgrow it?
Why not now to learn how not to be
I choose today.
If you look closely, you can see
The rain fall,
Tiny transparent streaks on the sky.
If you look closely, you can see
The world grow,
As it learns to do more than survive.
So many things happening now
-And all of them are so
This will drastically alter my life,
But will it?
History is always being made,
But what will this really be?
Some random name in a textbook?
Will it even make it
That far?
Isn’t it wonderful,
How the world can change?
One instant
-The blink of an eye-
And poof!
Everything’s different.
A miracle, really.
Just a shift of mind,
And the world follows suit.
I wonder what my world should be

I could be happy, excited,
What would that create?
Something far more interesting
Than drab, dull sorrow.
The possibilities!
A billion people the world over
All creating
Something new!
But for today,
I’m just creating my world,
And I’m gonna make it a good one.
I am in a good mood today.
I don’t quite know why.
Not everything’s gone well,
But it must have gone well enough.
Or not?
Does how I feel need to depend
On how things are?
I think I’ll try something radical.
I think I’ll try
A good mood,
No matter what.

Changing all the time,
-yet we think it a constant.
I am not now, who I was as a child.
I hope I’ve grown,
And will continue to do so.
In many ways I am not nearly the same.
But, is that identity?
All the ins and outs – the surface of the water?
Or is there something more,
The depth below the surface, so to speak
-The subconscious?
And anyways, does it really matter?
I mean,
Does anybody really know
Who they are?