Do you know those times when
You get that feeling
That you have no idea whatsoever
What you’re trying to say?
No, that’s not it.
How to phrase it.
You speak,
Words emerge
And yet they have no meaning
-that anyone understands.
Understands correctly.
Then you began to gesture
Wildly as you talk with your hands,
Seeing as how your mouth has failed you.
Finally, spluttering out vague concepts, you ask:
Do you get what I’m trying to say?
The Tempest Calls
Storm is coming
Power crackles in warm,
Thick air
As wind rushes through,
Capers and rolls.
No need to rush.
The storm,
Confident in its power,
Can take its time.
Such power!
Enough to overwhelm mere mortals,
I am exuberant nonetheless.
Danger, perhaps,
But the excitement!
This is life, is it not?
Voice beckons from open door.
I must go in.
But please,
One more moment?
Just one more?