Dawn breaks
A flash of light on the dark horizon
Greets the day
We turn, muttering
In our sleep
From the light.
Away from that which we feat the most
And yet so badly need
-an awakening

Our Situation
Have you ever stopped to think
About the sheer enormity
Of our world?
(And what is happening to us?)

So many people
Each with their own story
Ever unfinished
-and unheard
But no less real than yours

Everyone tries
To fulfill some goal
Pursue destiny
Find hope

So many people
Rushing around
Overlooking the obvious
In their quest
To find happiness

A multitude of beings
Endlessly searching
To live out some fantasy
And so the world goes
An endless cacophony of dreams
We are one
Each heartbeat marks a piece of eternity
Each story leads to the truth within.
Among uncountable diversity
There is unity
A connection
We know as life

We are equal
Unique, one of a kind, yes
Some more different than others
But it is this that gives us balance
Tip the balance
Ruin the world
So, in balance
We are whole

The Screen
Sitting inside, looking at a screen
Showing us visions
Of things we might never see
Unless we continue to watch
Which we always do
As we constantly need something
To draw our minds away
From the world we have created
Amidst the ruins of the one we destroyed
So we look at the screen;
A world that is not there
Protects us from the one that is

Mosaic of Life
Mosaic hanging on the wall
Colours and shapes against a background hue
Are we all not just mosaiacs?
Our memories of thing we knew
And dreams that will or won’t come true
Are we all not just mosaiacs?
Each being another coloured tile
A piece of life on the Earth’s brown soil
And yet, I have never seen a mosaiac
So confused and without idea
Of the possible shapes it can hold
For who has ever seen a mosaiac
That fights with itself
Just to have a claim on the tiles it has broken?