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10/04/2009 4:10pm

Hey Sam!!! =D It's your friend from Canada, eh! XD Naw, we don't talk like that. Anyway, nice site. i love the background. I'm infatuated with it each time i see the site. XP Keep up the good work and I hope to see you again soon. IO miss yeeeeeeeewwww!

10/10/2009 5:18pm

i added it to favorites, but i haven't checked it out yet, i guess this means i'm out of excuses for not knowing somesomething about your characters that you put on your site, dang.

Zeron Orack Borano
10/17/2009 6:25am

you should combine the two moment stories into 1, otherwise the book will be impossible to continue without being repetitive.

10/24/2009 3:41pm

Well done !!!!!!! We love what we have seen and heard. You have made us soooo proud. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

10/24/2009 5:00pm

It is so interesting, a great start! You are such a talented lady and I'm
so proud of you.
Keep up the good work.
Love from all.

11/26/2009 7:04am

Always love seeing the new things you come up with. You are so very talented.
Love Mom

11/28/2009 6:30am

Very interesting. A good display of all your creative energies!!!

Keep it up...

12/05/2009 12:48am

Just checked your school report - way to go!!!

Love You,

Miss Crooks
12/10/2009 5:44am

Samantha -

Very creative and fun ! Keep up the great creativity !

Miss Crooks

02/18/2010 6:43am

Love the way you did the candle section! Very informative. Great photography too, considering the camera you are working with.

08/07/2010 5:54am

If you read music at all, you can use music writing software to write the music!
Looks cool by the way.

09/21/2010 1:45pm

you are a beautiful daughter of god :)) don't let anyone be mean to you on here! keep up the awesome work!!!
<3 jack

Betsy McGrath
09/23/2010 10:14am

Wow! Samantha, I am really impressed. I am honored that you wanted me to see you work; thanks for sharing this with me. I'll read more slowly and catch all the subtleties later; right now, I have a class.
Best, Mrs. McGrath
P.S. Congrats on R&J.

10/25/2010 5:45pm

Beautiful work, as always. Thank you for not being selfish with your creativity.

Mohamed Hammoud
11/13/2010 3:19pm

HI SAM!!!!!

Meryem and Mohamed
01/25/2011 2:40pm

Hi Sam,
WOW!!! We are really impressed with your many talents. Not only are you talented academically, but creatively as well. We really liked everything you have done.Thank you for sharing your artwork so generously. We really enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading all your pieces of literature. Please keep up the good work and share it with your website viewers.
P.S. I, as in Mohamed, especially love the drawings with aliens in them.

Mary Louise
02/03/2011 2:46pm

We met at the Christmas party........ Loved the beginnings of your stories. Look forward to their completion. Enjoyed the eclectic art. You are as interesting as Manderin.....

Nanna & Grampy
02/26/2011 4:35pm

Just loved your poems! We are so proud of you - thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Mrs. Evans
03/22/2011 6:03pm

Sam, wow! You are so creative. I particularly love the photos. You just have a myriad of hidden talents, don't you? I want to give some time to the writing so I'll be back for sure!

06/07/2011 6:19pm

Hi Samantha,

It is wonderful to see the work added since I last wrote. I enjoyed your photos and art but will need more time to go through your other additions.
Keep up the great work!
Love, Gram

06/22/2011 8:00am


I actually stumbled upon your site by accident to be honest, but I’m glad it happened. You’ve got a nice compilation of various forms of art here. (Must say, I was super-impressed with that praying mantis picture… love the bug.) Also, I couldn’t resist thumbing through your songs, and “The Reflection” caught my eye. It’s kind of a puzzling song, really. I thought of several possibilities, but the one that’s making the most sense to me is that the reflection is actually a projection of the singer (for lack of a better term) in the future. It’s a reflection that’s always near, but gets further away as you get closer, and has many strange familiarities and yet is something completely new and unseen. The only lines that I’m still totally stumped over are the lines “but how close is this mirror to breaking?” and “whose mirror is this?” I have my theories, but more exploration is required, I feel.

All in all, I just wanted to say well done; thanks for sharing your works. I’m glad I chanced across this. To be completely honest, I’m feeling inspired to consider posting some of my own materials I’ve kept stored away on my laptop for so many years. Continue to do what you love to do, and I pray for your continued love in what you do.

08/11/2011 5:22am

I voted for your poetry in the "which page do you prefer" section, but truthfully, I liked them all! You need to add that as an option.

02/06/2012 8:09am

I like your digital images :) They are so playful and fun!


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