What is this world coming too?
You ask.
Global warming,
Worldwide famine,
Existing for an eternity,
These problems persist-
Likely they always will.
But do we not owe it to the world,
Fragile as it is,
To protect it?
No matter how futile the endeavour,
We have the duty to try and improve it,
Just a little,
Within our lifetime.
So Why?
Why is it more important to:
Lose weight,
Earn money,
Tell one more lie,
Just one.
Then I will help,
Then I will make a difference.
Then I will live.
Expand your mind
Feel your consciousness breathing
You are the world
Eternal, miraculous
And yet searching
A fragmented world
Must pull together
To heal

To Heal the World
To heal the world, you first must love it,
Then heal yourself, and good comes of it.
The world heals fast, in its own way,
All you must do is step away.
But heal yourself, and good comes too,
So heal the spark of the world within you.
It could heal fast, in a year or a day,
But all must heal in their own way