Because maybe
It all means nothing.
Maybe the world will never change.
Maybe all I have
Is this moment.
And maybe
That’s all okay.

 Because life
Is an infinite sequence,
Of things that you give
And you take.
And the only true way
To find peace is,
To take a deep breath

-it’s okay.

Because all
Through my fears and
-Despite all of the worry and pain.
These moments make up
For the sadness,
And as long as they’re here,
I’m okay.

I am in a good mood today.
I don’t quite know why.
Not everything’s gone well,
But it must have gone well enough.
Or not?
Does how I feel need to depend
On how things are?
I think I’ll try something radical.
I think I’ll try
A good mood,
No matter what.


Fly Away


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Fly Away
I feel the wind on my face.
Close my eyes.
Slip away.
The world drops below,
Into the clouds.
How funny,
It seems,
To think that it meant so much,
Everything below.
From here
It is different.
From here
It is calm.
No longer running,
One place to the next.
“What if?”
“I must”
What matters is here,
In the wind.




The world is new
-perfect, eternal, and unchanging
And yet, it is not
Things change;
Rain turns to river,
Desert to plain.
The ebb and flux
Never end
But in this moment
There is a stillness within my soul
That is forever

Moving On
For once, in this moment,
Everything makes sense
And I am calm
Negativity is behind me now
And I can catch a glimpse
Of the brighter future
To come





An eternity of truths
The universe shows-
One for every dream

Potential is infinite,
But choice impossible.
What if I take the wrong step?

A labyrinth of choices
But I am not alone
I will follow the footsteps
Of destiny
Life is a journey
And not a goal
The water’s not that cold
If you jump

So be free!
Enjoy life
Wherever you happen to be.
Look around
Smile, Breathe
Let the future remain





Out of the silence, there is always noise
Full in all its glory,
Loud, thunderous and strong.
clouding to the mind, we live in it
and yet,
out of the noise there is always silence
for without silence,
what noise would there be
to define?

The Lesson
Life goes on,
All around me
And it’s comforting to think
Anything that I do badly
Doesn’t matter,
In the long run
To anyone or anything
Even I, when time goes on
Will struggle,
To remember
The very thing which, years before
I’d thought was a disaster
Anything I do today,
I do today alone
I will not let this moment take
 Tomorrow’s thoughts and dreams
For now, I’ve learned
-A lesson earned
That nothing’s as bad as it seems

Life’s Path
My life unfolds,
Opportunities bloom,
As flowers on a new spring day.
Marvelous, bright, exciting
But I am afraid.

New mountains to climb-
What if I fall?
New stars to outshine-
And to succumb to.
As we get older
The world becomes more extreme.

Dizzying heights; dramatic lows
A frenzy of failure
And of success
I guess that the trick
Is to live through it all
All failures are success in the end.

My life unfolds
The world is waiting
For me.
I may fail, I will succeed,
But I will not fear.

Evening silences
Clarity in the darkness
A silence, to think.
The day makes sense now
All those mysteries that passed me by
When light was clear.